Here's why we (almost) always use black
backgrounds at

1. Here at, black is our favorite color.  We just love that gloomy, gothic feel that black pages project.  Teal or fuchsia just wouldn't convey our pessimistic attitude the way that black can.
2. Black backgrounds show support for free speech.  The black background was adopted in conjunction with the Blue Ribbon Campaign for online freedom of speech.  On February 8, 1996, the World Wide Web went black in protest - the so called "Thousand Points of Darkness."
3. Background images are easily overdone.  A background image that's a little to "wild" can make text much harder to read.  In fact, I've devoted an entire page specifically to wild backgrounds.
4. It saves energy!  Your monitor is projecting less light, therefore it uses slightly less energy.
5. Colors really "pop" on a black background. Subtle colors work to convey a subtle message, and saturated colors can be used when you need to rip the readers' eyeballs right out of their sockets.
6. Black will never go out of style.
7. White and gray backgrounds are for corporate, newbie wimps.
8. If you’re browsing the web late at night, the dim illumination projected by black backgrounds won’t upset your circadian rhythm. (Exposure to bright light in the evening can throw off your sleep schedule.)

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